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CountEasy Retail
Cash Counter For
Bills & Coin

The Quickest, Easiest and Most Accurate
Way to Count Your

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    How long is it taking you to count, recount and verify your daily cash at the end of the working day? Are you still manually preparing your bank deposit and next day's start funds? A register count has never been simpler and takes less than a minute to complete. Pre-programmed to count both your coins and bills in sequence and with a running total on screen, the Counteasy™ is your calculator. You can quickly check your register contents and get right back to serving your customers, both satisfying them and improving your sales. Verification and reconciliation is fast, efficient and automated as the element of human error is removed. Accuracy is ensured via proven weigh counting technology and a two year warranty (1 year for battery and charger) gives you added piece of mind. Light weight, portable and both electric and battery operated, the Counteasy™ can be used anywhere at any time.

  • Simple, future proofed retail specific operating procedures

  • Small footprint making it compact and space efficient

  • Commercially available rechargeable batteries with 12 hour life

  • Pre programmed with 18 languages and 3 currencies - US, Sterling, Euro

  • Future proofed for new bills, new denominations and new band/strap sizes.

        Counteasy™ provides you a simple, fast and efficient solution for counting down your register, creating a start fund, or preparing your bank deposit. CountEasy™ will count loose and packed/strapped or banded bills as well as loose or rolled coin simply and easily with minimal effort on the part of the operator. It's retail specific procedures make CountEasy™ intuitive to use.


  •  Ergonomic hod design & angle with optimum rotation

  •  Extendable hod for high volume bill stacking

  •  Six button scrolling keyboard with pictorial keys makes navigation easy &  fast

  •  Integrated carrying handle giving the flexibility of a portable Cash Counter

        The hod angle is ideally suited to receive loose bags, rolls, loose coins in a FlexCup™ or fill cup and loose stacked bills. The extendable back section allows for high volume bill stocking and has a specially designed recess for roll positioning to avoid movement. Simple intuitive scrolling keyboard with pictorial keys make operating foolproof. The integrated carrying handles offers portability directly to the point of sale, keeping your register operating and minimizes downtime which equates to increased sales and revenue. 


  •  Mini Thermal Printer

  •  Smart Wedge

  •  Flexi Cup ™

  •  Till Cups

        Connectivity could not be simpler. The new Mini Thermal Printer will provide you with a hard copy receipt of your register count to easily reconcile your Point of Sale read out, thus verifying the audit trail. SmartWedge™ will simplify your cash counting by eliminating manual data input and automating entry of data into a PC based reporting system. Till Cups are removable register drawer inserts to speed up the counting of coin. FlexCup™ is a new and unique coin container design for scooping and pouting coins into a cash drawer compartment or other receptacle. By mimicking the need to use a natural gripping movement the risk of injury is removed as the wrist will experience no strain.

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