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Cash Counter

 For Bills & Coin

Cash Counter for reconciliation of all payment media. This compact, portable cash counter is for multi Cash Register data capture

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     MultiCount™ affords you complete flexibility. Used as a stand-alone Cash Counter to replace a manual cash counting process, it will speed up and automate a time consuming, costly and labor intensive task. Fully integrated into your existing count and reconciliation system it will streamline, enhance and improve your processes. However it is used, MultiCount™ will save you time, money and free up resource to concentrate on the more lucrative area of customer retention through excellent service.

  •     Regain cash control, identify & isolate shrinkage, reduce human error.

  •  Fully retail specific operating procedures for reconciliation of all payment media.

  •     29 button raised keyboard with pictorial mode functions & integrated numeric keypad.

        MultiCount™ provides the solution to regain outsourced cash control and the ability to swiftly identify, isolate and reduce lose. Balance your multiple cash drawers at the point of sale in under a minute. Verification & reconciliation is fast, efficient and automated as the element of human error is removed. The only product you will need to count all your cash. This product will count loose coins and currency, wrapped/banded coins and bills, as well as coupons and tokens. It has 29 keys with direct access to pictorial mode functions, scrolling denomination keys and an integrated numeric keypad.


  •  Fully portable data capture unit for multiple cash drawer reconciliation of up to 50 registers.

  • Compact, lightweight, extendable carrying handle, non volatile memory & 12 hour battery life.

  • Satisfy the need for accountability- Review individual register totals by register/cashier ID to pinpoint discrepancies.

        Ultimately MultiCount™ was designed to be a fully portable unit ideal for multiple register cash drawer reconciliation. It weighs only 3.3lbs. and has an extendable carrying handle for safe transportation from one register to the next and then to the cash office. Its small footprint is ideal for limited space at both point of sale or in a small cash office where space is restricted. The memory has the capacity to store individual data from up to 50 registers. The rechargeable batteries last 12 hours ensuring all your register information is securely captured and stored even in the event of a power failure. Batteries also give flexibility of use where electric power supply may be limited. Cash counting tasks can be performed during most convenient operating periods and time. The ability to review each individual register total in detail makes error/discrepancy identification very simple. Linked to an Thermal Printer you have a line-by-line printout to complete the audit trail.



  • FlexiCup™ - New and unique coin container design ideal for scooping and pouring coins.

  • Ergonomic new extendable hod design for bulk bill counting.

  • Enabling accessories New Mini Thermal Printer, Smart Wedge™ & till Cups.

        MultiCount™ comes standard with the new FlexiCup™. This unique coin container is ideal for gripping and pouring coins into a bag, cash drawer compartment or other chosen receptacle, providing no strain to the wrist. Its natural capacity restriction will also prevent overload damage to your MultiCount™. The hood angle is ideally suited to receive loose coins and bills. The extendable back section allows for high volume bill stacking. The new Mini Thermal printer will provide you with a hard copy receipt of your register count to easily reconcile your P0S read out, thus verifying the audit trial. Simplify your cash counting by eliminating the need for manual data input. The Smart Wedge will allow you to communicate to your PC in a simple and cost effective method thus eliminating the need for manual data input.

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