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S-1100 Series - Brochure

1100 Series Currency Counters

Semacon currency counter model S-1425 with UV and MG counterfeit detection capabilities - Semacon - Coin Counters, Currency Counters, Coin Counter, Currency Counter, Coin Sorters, Banknote Counters, Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors


Quality & Value At The Right Price
With the introduction of our S-1100 series Currency Counters, Semacon has crossed the threshold of price vs quality by offering high speed with a full featured product line of banknote counters, all at a price level that the small business can afford!  But what is price without quality?  All of our S-1100 series Currency Counters are built to last and handle the demanding daily use of small to medium sized businesses.

For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
Any business that counts large amounts of cash on a daily basis can benefit from the S-1100 series Currency Counters.  Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses, including:  retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, markets, vending operators, amusement operators and any other business that frequently needs to process and count currency.  These high speed counters are a perfect solution for businesses that don't want to pay the higher prices normally associated with bank grade equipment.

Precision, Accuracy & Reliable Counting

SEMACON counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect "errors"
including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc.  Our counters always ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble free use.

Note Regarding:

Error Detection

Other Currency Counters you may find may not include error detection features.  This means that you are not assured of an accurate count each time you count currency, which defeats the purpose of having a high speed counter.  Don't buy a Currency Counter without advanced error detection capabilities!

These SEMACON Currency Counters include error detection as a standard feature

Advanced Counterfeit Detection
Many of our Currency Counters offer an advanced Counterfeit Detection System designed to search for and pinpoint suspect counterfeit bank notes.  Featuring the options of Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection, Magnetic (MG) Counterfeit Detection, or combined UV and MG Counterfeit Detection, our counters provide the ultimate in counterfeit currency screening.

High Speed
Why waste hours of time counting currency when this task can be reduced to a mere fraction of the time?  SEMACON Currency Counters offer the flexibility of speeding up the tedious process of counting money, with the S-1100 series Currency Counters counting at a high speed of 1,000 bank notes per minute. Now, what was taking hours of time can be reduced to minutes.

Dual Displays
The S-1100 series Currency Counters include as standard equipment dual viewing displays which makes it easy for both the operator of the counter and another person to view the counting process.  Standing behind the operator to oversee the display is no longer needed with our standard dual displays.

Semacon S-1125 Currency Counter Display - Coin Counters, Currency Counters, Coin Sorters, Coin Counter, Currency Counter, Banknote Counters, Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors

We also offer an optional external display (pictured below on this page) which allows easy viewing in situations where the added flexibility is needed for your customer to oversee the counting process. 

These High-Speed Currency Counting Systems are designed for small to medium currency counting applications

They feature an auto-start system.  Once the bills are placed in the hopper, the machine begins counting automatically

Size Detection
These Currency Counters offer size detection capabilities which distinguish smaller dimension bank notes within a bundle.  This feature provides denomination detection for countries where currency size varies among the different denominations.

Available For International Markets
The S-1100 series Currency Counters can be customized to work with the banknotes of many different countries.  Please contact us for further information

Ease Of Use
The S-1100 Currency Counter series control panel is very simple to use.  The controls are clearly visible and are laid out in a very intuitive manner that offers the operator a very simple, yet sophisticated counting system.  The control panel features a full 10 button numeric keypad for setting batching along with simple on/off buttons for other commonly used features.  

Combining automated features with user-friendly controls, SEMACON counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use!  It has never been easier to count money.  Our counters are so easy to use, just click the power switch and you are ready to count!

Semacon currency counter control panel - Easy To Use - Semacon Home Button - Coin Counters, Currency Counters, Coin Counter, Currency Counter, Banknote Counters, Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors

Dust Cover

Each unit includes a protective storage cover to keep dust off of your counter between uses.

Semacon currency counter DUSTCOVER - Semacon - Coin Counters, Currency Counters, Coin Counter, Currency Counter, Banknote Counters, Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors

Optional External Display

Available as an option, our S-1100 series Currency Counters work with an external display which allows easy viewing in situations where there is another party supervising the counting.  This is a very popular option for check cashing centers to allow their customers to supervise the counting process or any other application where another employee or a customer is supervising the counting process.

Semacon currency counter EXTERNAL DISPLAY - Semacon - Coin Counters, Currency Counters, Coin Counter, Currency Counter, Banknote Counters, Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors, Coin Sorters
(external display may be slightly different than the style shown above, depending on the model currency counter)



Counting Speed
(notes per minute)








10 keys
1-999 range






10 keys
1-999 range





10 keys
1-999 range





10 keys
1-999 range



Technical Specifications

Feed System

Friction Roller System

Counting Speed

1000 pieces/minute (approx.)

Hopper Capacity

100 - 200 pieces (approx.)

Stacker Capacity

100 - 200 pieces (approx.)

Countable Note Size Range

100 x 50  ~ 175 x 100mm

Currency Thickness

0.065 ~ 0.15mm

Batching Stop Settings

Variable from 1 ~ 999 pieces


Counting, Adding, Batching


Remembers Previous Settings

Error Detection

Detects:  Doubles, Half Notes, Chain Notes, etc.

Size Detection

- Included -
(For foreign currencies where
denomination values vary in size)


12.5" (320mm) D x 9.5" (240mm) W x 8.5" (215mm) H

Power Source

USA Model:  110 VAC / 60 Hz
International Model:  220 VAC / 50 Hz

Net Weight

Approx. 15 Lbs. (7 kg)

Optional Accessories

External Display


(Specifications are deemed to be accurate but are subject to change without notice)


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