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Towa SX-580

Towa SX-580 Brochure


Excels as a conventional general purpose cash register,

as a stand alone Scanning System or as part of an entry level EPOS System.

Combining outstanding performance with simplicity of

operation, the SX-580 can be upgraded any time by adding a

Scanner, Software or PC link to offer large system's features

at an attractively affordable price.

It is heavy duty, alpha numeric printer provides clear,

fully descriptive receipts and management reports.


  • Display:
    • Front and Rear (lift and rotate to any angle) display
    • 2 lines (Upper - 10 digits Alpha-Numeric, Lower - 10 digits 7 segments) Fluorescent display
  • Printer:
    • High Speed, Heavy Duty, Silent Alpha-Numeric 2(two) Station Printer (13 lines per Second) with your graphic customized logo
    • 58mm thermal paper
    • Easy to change ribbon cassette.
  • Security features:
    • Warns you when the cash in drawer reaches pre-programmed limit.
    • Drawer Open Alarm by preset time delay
    • Compulsory Drawer (Close)
    • Password on X/Z report
  • Departments:
    • 15 Departments Totals as standard (Presettable), Each Depts. can be fully described in up to 12 characters on Receipts and Journal paper.
    • 30 Department Totals by shift. Departments may be grouped for analysis purpose.
  • PLUs (Price Look Ups):
    • Standard 64 (max.80) direct PLU (on the Flat Keyboard)
    • 5,000 PLUs
    • Barcode "Learning" System will read it from Items to register the barcode into the machine tentatively.
    • Each PLU fully described in up to 12 characters on receipt and journal paper.
    • PLUs may be grouped for analysis purpose.
  • Totals: Up to 10 Named Cashier Totals and up to 30 Named Clerk/Server Totals available by ID number.
  • Tax Computation: Flexible Tax Computation Systems will meet all European, USA, and Canadian requirement.
  • Transaction Totals by Value and Quantities: Gross Sales, Net Sales, Returns, Voids, Discounts, Tax, Discount Amounts, Cash Sales, Each Credit Card Sales, Check Sales, Food Stamps, Paid Out, Payment on Account, Non-Resettable Grand Total. 
  • Tendering:
    • Can be accepted the Payments by Cash, Check, Credit Cards that programmed description for each Payment.
    • Partial Payment or mixed Payments allowed.
  • Receipts after sales: Receipts can be issued after sales, fully itemized up t o 50 lines.
  • Mode Key: 4 mode key position (Lock, Register, X-Read, Z-Read and Program)
  • Memory Protection: 30 days memory protection with built in Rechargeable Ni-cad Batteries
  • Drawer: Heavy Duty Metal Drawer with 8 coins/4 bills and adjustable partitions
  • Dimensions: 35 x 42.9 x 18.8(or 38) cm, 12.7 Kg

[Bullet]Special Features

  • Bar Code Scanner (Option)
  • Clock (Display Time)
  • Time Charge Function (for parking Lots, Luggage Claim, etc)
  • Change Computation after sale
  • All Items Cancel
  • Foreign Currency/Euro conversion
  • Message Scroll
  • Training mode
  • Security Options by programming, such as:
    • Grand Total Print on Z Report
    • Consecutive Number reset
    • Time Print
    • Monetary Entry to prevent over ring
    • Password protection for report printing
    • Compulsory Cash Drawer
  • Management Reports: Management report are fully described in words and figures. Up to 30 different reports, customized to user's requirements. All reports may be read and print out daily and weekly with reset.
  • Reports:
    • Daily Full Report
    • Daily PLU Report
    • Hourly Activity Report
    • Daily Cash in Drawer Report
    • Daily Operator Report
    • Daily Group Report
    • Daily Training Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) Full Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) PLU Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) Cash in Drawer Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) Operator Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) Group Report
    • Weekly (or Monthly) Training Report
  • Water proof key board cover (Standard)

[Bullet]Optional Accessories

  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Extra Waterproof Key Board Cover



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