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Uniwell SX6600

SX-6600 Brochure

Uniwell SX-6600

The SX6600 terminal is an entry level POS system designed for the hospitality, leisure and catering market. The flexibility of the system makes the SX6600 ideal for use in bars, restaurants, quick service, cafes and canteens.

The terminal features a high visibility two line operator display with adjustable viewing angle. A large 165 button membrane keyboard can cope with extensive menus.

Behind the scenes the precise needs of any operation for simpler stock control, tighter cash control, security and comprehensive management reporting are easily handled by the SX6600 facilities and options.

The SX6600 is capable of operating either stand-alone or part of a sophisticated network of terminals, the SX6600 offers users maximum system resilience and reliability.

Two additional models in the series provide a choice of printer options:

  • SX6700 incorporates a 2 station thermal printer (receipt and journal).
  • SX6750 incorporates an 80mm wide one station thermal printer.
Remarks of SX-6600-05
Scanning system with 18 digits random PLU codes
Standard 2,238 PLUs, Max. 61,693 PLUs
99 group-As with stock control
99 group-Bs and 10 main group-As
99 cashiers with its own full transaction memory
1,024 customer file
341 R. PLUs (Recyclable PLU)
Discount functions such as mix & match, multi- buy, etc
Age limitations
User friendly PLU programming
10 arrangement keys, 50 key steps each
Euro currency system
ESF memory, ESF buffer print function
2,048 amount tracks
25 media keys + 10 preset tender keys
Card functions
PC batch communications
Program loader module PLM 2000
Scale link
Inter Register Communications
32 ECRs
PC communications with Tensai2000 via NA-720
Flash reports and flash downloading
8 slip printers

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