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Uniwell SX 8000 series

SX 8000 - Brochure

Uniwell SX 8500    Uniwell SX-800

Further evolution from UX-7000 series...!
More visual...!
More user friendly...!
Faster operation...!

SX-8500 series can grant those requests from users!
Wide 5.7" Quarter VGA LCD (Color and Monochrome type) as front display presents easy to look screen with its high resolution Screen layout is very user-friendly. Menu such as clerk ID, menu level, price level, Bill #, Table #, etc., are indicated and neatly arranged in frame like window (Window-like indication). It helps operator to find the status of transaction by just one glance.
Enlarged display of a PLU registration enables more precise operation, registration content checked step by step.

For color type display, messages are distinguished by different colors, and you can never miss it! Customizing character and background etc. of sales area by various colors are also possible.

Display angle is adjustable (30 - 90) depending on its operator's viewpoint and its installed location.

Its cabinet is designed for more space-saving. Low profile, small footprint gives these models sophisticated look.

SX-8005 series screen shot

With wide keyboard, more free key allocation can be done.

Expandability in its network is another appealing point. Standard interface are 1 x Ethernet (10Mbps), 1 x RS485 and 2 x RS232C. PC, remote receipt/kitchen/slip/report printer (max. up to 8 units), bar code scanner, magnetic card reader, 1st/2nd drawers are connectable. Up to 32 units EPoS terminals can be connectable on its IRC line. Report polling, program upload and download are done at anytime, anywhere from remote office using FTP access on SX-8500 03 type.

Model Printer Display
5.7" COLOR
Quarter VGA (320 x 240) LCD
SX-8500 1p thermal 80mm
SX-805 No Printer

Standard Port
Channel Cable For
IRC kitchen printer server
Local receipt server
FTP comm. with PC (Tensai2000, PLM 2000)
IRC report, flash ROM update, program maintenance
UDP data streaming with PC
Journal data / EJF data monitoring and analysis
A RS485 IRC : max. 32 terminals [SF-45.C=NO]
Receipt/Kitchen printer (max. 8)
Slip printer (max. 8)
B RS233C PLM 2000, Tensai2000 (PC batch comm, PC-IRC comm, modem, hotel PMS, loyalty, etc.) or one of the devices as ch-C
C RS233C One of:
- Local receipt printer
- Local slip printer (PC printer)
- Scanner
- Scale
- Journal data transfer
- Remote operation device
- Cashless devices
D RS233C Same as ch-C
Drawer 1 & 2 RJ11 1st & 2nd Drawers

Optional Port
Channel Cable For
E RS232C Same as ch-C
F RS232C Same as ch-C

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